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Called Church Conference

All members of Cokesbury UMC are encouraged to read the following letter detailing the Called Church Conference that we will hold on May 3, 2015 to vote on the proposed merger of Cokesbury UMC with Christway Community Church. All members of Cokesbury are eligible to vote in a Church Conference. Please plan on attending.

Called Church Conference Letter 4-14-2015

Proposed Merger FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our proposed merger:

Merger Document 4.8.15 v3- FAQ-2

March Newsletter


A Letter to the Cokesbury UMC Congregation

PDF Version of Letter

Fellow Members of Cokesbury UMC,

On Monday, March 23, our District Superintendent, Kip Gilts, asked to speak to the Church Council of our church. We would like to share some news from that meeting.

1) Kip indicated that the Conference cabinet has decided that it’s time for Pastor Mark Pedersen to be moved to a new appointment. Therefore, Pastor Mark will be leaving Cokesbury in late June. We wish Pastor Mark and his family the best as he moves forward in his career!

2) Christway Community Church, a new church with a strong Hispanic membership was formed about 5 years ago with seeding from Friendswood UMC. They chartered as a separate church in May, 2014. Christway, currently meeting in Friendswood UMC facilities, has grown to the point where they are looking for a permanent home. Their initial investigation led them to consider moving to property near Beamer and Hughes. This site is about 1.5 miles from Cokesbury UMC.

3) As the District Superintendent began to profile our church for a new appointment, he noticed some very important items:

  a. The pastoral characteristics identified by the Cokesbury Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) matched the strengths of the Christway pastor.

  b. The demographics of the community surrounding Cokesbury are approximately 39% white, 39% Hispanic, 11% black, with other mixed ethnicities also living in the area.

  c. Growth is expected to continue with largely the same demographic breakdown.

4) Kip initiated discussions with both the Cokesbury SPRC and the Christway SPRC. He asked us to consider a merger of the two churches into a single body of Christ. Both committees indicated an interest in pursuing that concept.

5) Kip met separately with the Church Council of both entities on March 23. The result was an overwhelmingly positive decision by both councils to proceed with discussions about a possible merger. Those discussions will now involve the whole membership of each church (see 8 below).

6) One additional piece of information is available at this time. Artie Cadar is the current pastor for Christway. He would be appointed as the Senior Pastor of the merged church, should the individual churches decide to pursue this course of action. Furthermore, a new Associate Pastor would be assigned by the Conference to serve the merged church. The Conference has also indicated that they will be able to help offset some of the cost of these two appointments.

7) A committee of 3 people from Cokesbury and 3 people from Christway have been asked to meet starting next week to work out the details of a proposed merger.

8) The Church Councils are targeting April 12 as the date for a Town Hall meeting to answer questions and discuss the merger amongst the membership of each church. May 4 is targeted as the date for Church Conferences, where the entire membership of each body will vote on the merger. Any such merger would require majority approval from both churches.

This is a summary of the data presented and voted on at the Council meeting. Please be aware that as soon as more information is available, it will be shared with the church membership.

This certainly appears to be a wonderful opportunity for Cokesbury and Christway. Please join us as we pray that God will enter into our discussions and open our hearts to the right decision for both churches. We covet your continued prayers on this issue.

Thank you,
Laura Bradley				Chuck White			Darrel Raines
Church Council Chair			SPRC Chair			Lay Leader

Cokesbury Community Night!


We begin each Wednesday evening with a catered meal at 5:30 PM.  Starting at 6:00 PM the program modules will begin.  Two modules will be ongoing and do not require signing up to attend.

The first is a Tutorial/Homework session for children and teenagers.  The other is games for all ages.

The second two modules are going to be of limited duration.  The first two classes will be “bible Study for Dummies” and “Country Western Dancing Lessons”.  These classes do not require any special skills to join, but will be limited in how many people can attend.

We have a whole list of other classes that we want to offer following these.  The list of classes offered will depend on the number of people interested in taking the class.

At 7:00 pm we will wrap things up and send people home or to the other music activities within Cokesbury.

This exciting new event is the result of a decision by the Church Council to focus all of our energies on a single ministry for this year.  You and your family are invited to attend every Wednesday evening as we eat, fellowship and learn together.

Preschool Registration is Now Open

Early Registration going on NOW for the 2015 – 2016 School Year!

    Days of Operation:      Monday – Thursday   (September thru May)
Preschool Hours:        9:00 am – 1:30 pm

    Phone Numbers:     281-484-9243 ext. 205 (0ffice)


Click here for:      Registration Packet!         Click here for:       The Parents Handbook